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Invitation to the Anarchist International Conference in Mexico City. July, 8, 9 & 10th, 2007

Invitation to the Anarchist International Conference in Mexico City. July, 8, 9 & 10th, 2007  Rebellion is riding in our hearts, millions of human beings, those who are the invisible ones, those who are the poor ones, those who are the ignorant ones rise against domination in every part of the world. Millions of people are doing their best in the struggle to defend human race and the planet; those millions of people reject integration to the world of globalisation, democracy and homogeneous pluralism. They care little about the ridiculous IT era and of the endless possibilities, because they are those to pay the price for the comfort of the privileged few. terrea_1_1.jpg The blast of rebellion has a long tradition and that eternal tradition translates into knowledge, accumulated over centuries of struggle. That knowledge gives anarchism the certainty that its path is the right one. New forms of organisation have left far behind the old forms to control rebellion, political parties, sell-out unions, schools and universities that submit to the service of those in power and the can only stare from the sidelines, in perplexity, how humanity is moving towards the liberation without leaders nor vanguards. The history of humanity is one of rebellion. Since inequality appeared, so did the rebels, the illegal ones and the dreamers, who are determined to challenge the superior order and do not fear divine punishment or ridicule, for they have understood that we are the product of our own work, that we are self-created and that, as such, we can create a world based on freedom and equality. At all times and places there has been struggle against domination and with all of those struggles we have gained a heritage of unsuspected value, a heritage leading individuals and communities through a dangerous and unknown path, the path of rebellion. Our generation cannot stand aside, we can’t witness our world be shattered to pieces, waiting for the right objective conditions or the lucky strike to deliver us. Freedom should not be searched for, but created. There’s enough platitudes on democracy and liberty, on progress and future, on welfare and equity, on pluralism and tolerance, but nothing from that ridiculous and appalling platitude can be confirmed in reality. Words are only that, constructions of language. But you can count on millions those who have been victims of progress and civilization. As many are the forms of control many are the forms of insubordination. Each one in its own space contributes to the destruction of this unjust social order. In the American continent, particularly in Mexico, unrest is growing and in spite of the terrible State & multinational corporations’ offensive, millions are rebelling by the day. That daily and ancient struggle for liberation forces us to take side in the creation of freedom. Experience shows us that the best way towards liberation is organisation. But any organisation requires to be rooted in ideas for its work to be effective and not contradictory, so as to incline (not to impose) towards a libertarian practice the various manifestations of rebellion. This is why, the Social Library Reconstruir, is inviting individuals and groups to take part in an international, anarchist conference to take place on the month of July 2007, on the 8th, 9th and 10th of that month, in City of Mexico. The proposal of the library to the conference is that it deals with three main objectives: 1. To stimulate discussion of the anarchist ideas and, above all, our education at a theoretical level. For this purpose, it is our proposal that the during the conference there’s a session to discuss the past, present and future of anarchist ideas, and some basic and new ideas that helps us to develop both an analysis and a serious critique of current society. 2. To share organisational experiences based on anarchism. At this session, both individual and groups can share experiences and proposals of organisation, so that the attendants can hold the necessary concepts to analyse the limits and possibilities of them. 3. This conference, as well as what can be learnt from it, are inscribed in a series of efforts carried on by individuals and group over the past years, in order to build a broad and strong organisation that is able to unify the scattered endeavours of different people in different spaces. If conditions allow it, this conference can be the starting point paving the way to organisation. From these three objectives, which are subject to modification, all of the groups and individuals in both on the organisational team or in the sessions can participate. This invitation does not intend to merge or to include in the inviting group those who which to take place on it, but to work together with an absolute respect for the leanings and autonomies of each entity participating. Those interested can come to the Social Library Reconstruir to the preparatory meetings on Wednesdays (fortnightly) from the 28th of March, at 17 o’clock or can write to the e-mail or to Freedom and non-violence. Ps To those who can speak more than one language, it would be highly appreciated your help with translations. To those groups or individuals assisting and having no place to stay, it is necessary that you confirm your assistance with enough time in advance so to sort this out, if possible. The specific date, as well as the calendar of activities, will be determined en the preparatory meetings. We have chosen the month of July because this allows those taking part in the Zapatista conference in Chiapas to have the opportunity to participate on it without becoming a hindrance to their own activities. This conference is independent of any non-anarchist organization. There are three places where the conference will be hold, but there can be more if proposed by the groups and individuals.
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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres